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Veggie sandwich under prepartion...
Making the House Special Vegetarian Delight Sandwich...
Our Veggie, or vegetarian sandwich with sprouts, artichoke, olives, lettuce and  and tomato are best sellers with clients coming from Palo Alto, Mountain View, Menlo PArk and Stanford... usually They eat it in our patio or order them to go!
Vegetarian Delight Sandwich... a favorite!
Delicious turkey or ham, avocado and tomato sandwich
Sandwich of turkey, pesto, avocado, artichoke hearts and Cheese on Dutch Crunch bread, a Palo alto favorite
Meatloaf Sandwich, a long time favorite prepared with mayo, lettuce and tomato on warm toasted Sourdough bread
Turkey Melt sandwich with pesto and avocado
Turkey Melton Sour Roll bread
PAstrami sandwiches are always loved bu pur clients!
Pastrami Sandwich on Dutch Crunch
Pastrami Sandwich on Dutch Crunch
Pastrami Sandwich on Dutch Crunch bread
Our Reuben sandwich is a favorite in Palo Alto and surrounding areas!
Reuben Sandwich, a Palo Alto classic!

Carefully crafted sandwiches at our Deli, To-Go, and Catering.

We take pride in making delicious sandwiches from scratch. After years of testing and learning, we worked on our sandwiches until they became everything we envisioned them to be. We love each and every one of them. Seeing our clients return over and over makes us happy. We are always trying new recipes, so when we find one that is truly outstanding you’ll have a new sandwich to try!

Some of our customers eat in the Deli. Some like to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air. No matter where you sit, our place full of life. If you’re in a rush, or want to have a picnic you can take any of our tasty treats to-go. Our catering service is a practical way to enjoy our sandwiches with a group of people at a party, business meeting, or big event.

We pay attention to everything, especially the little details. We want each sandwich to be consistent so we train every employee so that each sandwich will taste the same every time.

We offer classic sandwiches, as well as brand new confectionery creations. Our House Specials are a combination of our own ideas and customer suggestions. For example, the “Kevin” was named after a client who told us "If you add this sandwich, everyone will love it!" It has become a favorite!

Some our Client's Favorite Sandwiches
Taste varies... but over time there are some favorites!

As we make all of our sandwiches carefully and with full attention to detail, there are some that our clients prefer...


Top 10 Favorite Sandwiches

  • Kevin's (23)
  • Heaven on Earth (29)
  • The Bacons...
  • Vegetarian Delight (1)
  • California Club
  • Pastrami, Melted Pepper Jack, Bacon, Avocado (32)
  • Turkey, Pesto, Avocado, Artichoke Hearts, Cheese (18)
  • Turkey Melt, Pesto, Avocado (20)
  • Smoked Turkey (15)
  • Jimmy's (24)

Sandwiches Prepping
Preparing a sandwich involves a lot of slicing...

Our sandwich making process starts with preparing ingredients every day from scratch, which means slicing meats, produce, and cheeses. We know that even slicing has a big impact on the final flavor of a sandwich, so it’s only done by experienced employees, most of whom are trained chefs.

Sandwiches Ingredients
We use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients always using local providers first.

We use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients we can find. We will never compromise on the freshness and quality of our ingredients.

We always use local providers first. We select our providers carefully; many of them have been with us for decades. A local bakery has provided our bread for 20 years. Our salads have come from the same company for 30 years. Our vegetables are grown by a local business we have been working with for 5 years. Our meats and cheeses also come from local businesses.

A natural healthy addition to a sandwich or to eat them by themselves.

Our traditional salads are made with the same fresh ingredients used in our sandwiches. Our salads are a healthy choice because they are light and refreshing.

We offer many traditional salads, always made from scratch for a flavorful crunchy experience. Enjoy your salad as a side with your sandwich or as a meal on its own.

Our favorites are Smoked Salmon Salad made with salmon from a local vendor and the Chef’s Salad.

For the Carb conscious we offer lettuce wrapped sandwiches.

Some people just love soups, especially in a cold day.

Our soups are made daily from scratch using the freshest ingredients.

Our soups are tasty and healthy—and perfect on a cold day.