Sandwiches, Catering and Deli Market in Palo Alto servicing Mountain View, Stanford, Menlo Park and beyond!
Turkey, bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich in Palo Alto
The making of a California Club sandwich, with turkey, bacon, avocado, mayo, lettuce and tomato
Vegetarian sandwich with sprouts in Palo Alto
Vegeterian Delight House Special Sandwich, with avocado, artichoke, sprouts, cucumber... the works!
Turkey and avocado sandwich in Palo Alto
California Club Sandwich, one of the favorites
Palo Alto and California is privileged in having delicious fresh ingredients such as avocados
California Club Sandwich with choice of Dutch Crunch bread
Our sandwiches are made with the freshest ingredients as local to Palo Alto as possible. Onions, avocado, ham, bread, lettucem cheese are all our fundamental ingredients for a delicious and nutricious sandwich.
Turkey, pesto, avocado, artichoke hearts, and cheese on sour dough bread...delicious!
We make great Pastrami sandwiches in Palo Alto!
A sandwich with bacon, cheese, turkey, lettuce and tomato plus mayonnaise and spices is just fantastic!
Our clients love the patio sitting to enjoy their sandwiches in Palo Alto
Students form Stanford and Menlo Park High School love coming to pick up their TO-GO sandwiches!
Stanford athletes and coaches are regular customers both enjoying our sandwiches in our Palo Alto location, or asking for large catering or to go sandwich orders!



Palo Alto . California


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Mon-Fri: 8 - 7
Sat: 9 - 6

Sandwiches & Catering from a Family Deli & Market
Delicious and fresh sandwiches for the Palo Alto, Stanford and surrounding cities is what we love doing. We also offer a full espresso bar, ice cream, and milkshakes while still maintaining a small old style neighborhood market.

Delicious Sandwiches for the Palo Alto area is our biggest satisfaction, which comes from our interaction with the community and the feeling that they can rely on us day after day, year after year, for the perfect sandwich.

Besides making sandwiches and catering, we like the role our Deli & Market plays in a community like Palo Alto. You can eat sandwiches at our place or take them to go.

We love our diverse clientèle. Students from Stanford and local high schools come for lunch. Busy professionals from Mountain View, Palo Alto and Menlo Park order sandwiches for meetings or late hours at the office. Avid sport fans watch the game, while seniors debate over their preferred sandwiches. Everyone who walks through our doors appreciates our craftsmanship.

We take care to always provide a friendly and caring service for our customers.

Deli Culture
At the Deli we make mouthwatering sandwiches and we have a large selection of beer, wine, and non-alcoholic drinks.

At the Deli we make mouthwatering sandwiches and we have a large selection of beer, wine, and non-alcoholic drinks. We also carry hard to find high quality items such as sauces, olives, pickles, mustards, organic teas, and of course a large variety of chips to go with your sandwich!

Our enthusiastic attention to detail means that we only use the freshest high quality ingredients to create your soup, salad or your sandwich.

As a small business we pay careful attention to service, for instance sometimes we create highly customized sandwiches that our clients ask us to do.

Sandwiches To-Go!
We have a highly efficient to-go service!

We know that when clients want a sandwich to-go it’s because they are in a hurry. To create a fast service with as little waiting time as possible we have a second register just for To-Go orders. Sandwiches are ready to go in 15 minutes!

Medium size orders, around 80-100 sandwiches, need to be ordered 2 days in advance.

Large orders, as big as 500 sandwiches, need to be ordered 5 days in advance.

Delivery available for orders above $100 with 24 hour advance notice.